Vintage Linens and Possibilities

A blog I follow regularly recently featured an interesting post on vintage linens that got me thinking. (I know, my creative ideas often get me into trouble <g>) With the rise in the use of craft items made from reclaimed materials, could there be a place for vintage linens in this context?

I think there very well could be, especially if the linen items in question don’t have a display or functional usage otherwise. However, some vintage linens have a unique beauty that does a disservice to them if they’re not displayed in some way. Examples include:

  • Embroidered linentable runners
  • Tea towels
  • Napkins
  • Lace-trimmed handkerchiefs

People often make the mistake of treating these items as formals that can only be used at special times. However, the details on these items aloe make them perfect for display. Consider putting these items out in your dining area, and you won’t regret your choice.


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5 Places in Ireland You’ll Want to Learn More About

Ireland is one of those countries that literally has so much to do that you’ll find it hard to narrow down your choices. However, a few sites stand out in popularity. These historical places and attractions are definitely worthy of a closer look.

Killarney Upper Lake

1. Killarney National Park – If lakes, mountains and gorgeous scenery all around are your thing, this park should definitely top your list. You can drive in the park, walk or bike around on trails, or take a jaunting car ride. Be sure to visit Killarney House for some tea and to tour the gardens.

Ireland cliffs of moher2

2. Cliffs of Moher – These cliffs are both a stunning geologic formation and a great place to see the Atlantic Ocean. A treat that you might not have known about is O’Brien’s Tower, with a location at the top of the cliffs. The view is perfect for those panoramic photos you’ve probably been hoping to capture.

Blarney - Blarney Castle - View to northwest - - 1634152

3. Blarney Castle and Gardens – Although this castle is famous for the stone that visitors the world over want to kiss, it has a lot of other great things in store. The castle has beautiful gardens that you won’t want to miss the opportunity to savor. Guided tours will help provide you with lots of fascinating information.

Skellig Michael

4. Skellig Michael – This island paradise is worth the trip if the weather allows. After a climb up the stone stairs, you’ll have one of the most majestic views in Ireland. You’ll enjoy being in what was once an important site for early Christianity.
Ireland - Dublin - St Stephen's Green - James Joyce
5. St. Stephen’s Green – This urban park has been famous since the days of James Joyce, and it is easy to see why it is. Historical markers throughout the park highlight many of the key historical events that have occured. You’ll enjoy swans and other wildlife that make their home here.

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Taking a Lake Washington Cruise

Seattle waterfront at night

With a convenient location in Seattle, cruise companies offer a boat tour of Lake Washington that gives visitors a lot to look forward to during a vacation or downtime while visiting for a Celtic Fair. From the area’s fascinating history to beautiful scenery, visitors will have a whole new appreciation for Lake Seattle and will want to make sure that they fully enjoy the experience.

Cruises give visitors one of the best experiences possible, complete with knowledgeable guides who understand what makes Seattle so unique and will ensure that the cruise is everything that visitors to want. Some of the things that guests on this tour will appreciate include the houseboats out on the lake, historic sites and nature encounters that highlight how important this area is.

Some of the things to expect from these cuises include:

  • Narration
  • Dinner
  • Entertainment

Year-round cruises available every day, aside from Christmas Day, make these cruises a great option for anyone who wants a unique tour of Seattle and doesn’t want to worry about whether a land tour date is available. Cruising around on Lake Washington has never been more exciting or full of fun surprises for newcomers and residents alike.

Consider a Lake Washington cruise the next time you’re here for a Celtic event, and you won’t regret it.

How to Hire Your First Celtic Biz Employee

Hiring your very first store or event employee is an important step that you will have to take as a Celtic business owner. In many cases, the person you select will play a crucial role in your company. You’ll want to pick the right person because of their importance. Remember, a bad choice could hurt your reputation, while a good choice can open up new possibilities. Knowing exactly what to look for during the hiring process is essential.

  • The first thing they you will need to do is come up with a clear job description for your prospective employee. He or she will need to know exactly what you expect them to do. Make sure you cover every skill that will be necessary on the job, as well as technical skills involved with making customized products. This will prevent problems for both of you.
  • Use caution when friends, family members or acquaintances apply. Some people in this situation may feel as though they are not obligated to perform their duties as much as another applicant. If problems arise, this may lead to difficulties in your relationship.
  • There are many places where you can find ideal prospects for your job. Many career sites offer profiles with full resumes for job hunters that employers can use to search for contacts. Business-oriented social networking sites are also a good way to find ideal people for a job, especially when their profiles go into great detail about their job experience. Sometimes, job seekers also post their job experience on classified sites. Keep an open mind about places where you may find prospects.
  • It is always beneficial to know about the legal aspects of hiring an employee. One of the most important things to know about is how the legal distinction between an employee and a contractor is made. You also want to make sure you know exactly how to report any wages and whether payroll taxes are owed. When contracts are involved, you will benefit from having them drawn up by a lawyer.

The different tools that are available to business owners make it easier to find qualified employees to help you in running your company. However, it is very important to exactly exactly what to look for and ways to go about it. This will make for a much happier employer-employee relationship.

Yes, Virginia, There Were Anglican Jacobites

Samuel Seabury-Bishop Episcopal Church USA

Jacobitism is often mistakingly portrayed as having been strictly a Catholic cause. However, Jacobitism has had both religious and political overtones that sometimes overlapped. What’s the context that lead up to these events?

  • The Scottish Episcopal Church existed as a distinct entity from both the Catholic church and the newly-formed church of Scotland (Presbyterian)
  • The Glorious Revolution of 1688 and 1689 deposed the Catholic ruler, James II, and put Mary and William of Orange on the throne
  • In 1689, Episcopal bishops in Scotland refused to swear allegiance to William of Orange, and the Comprehension Act in 1690 allowed these “non-jurers” to retain their positions
  • In 1711, the Scottish Episcopalians Act gave the Episcopal Church recognition and protection
  • In 1784, non-jurers consecrated Samuel Seabury, the first bishop of the Episcopal Church in the United States

Visit The Celtic Directory for more information about Scottish and other Celtic history.

Why Plan a Celtic Music Event for Fall in Boston?

Fall in the Boston Public Garden, Boston, Massachusetts

Boston music event planning makes a world of difference for a successful concert or festival. Regardless of the size of the event, you’ll want to make sure the brightest and best talent can show up. The Celtic Directory can help you locate some of the best entertainers ready to work for you.

The right scheduling for your event can be very crucial to its success. A convenient time for both attendees and artists is key to making everything a big success. The fall months can be a great time for planning such events.

Why is Fall Good for Boston?

Boston has several great reasons of its own that will make you consider it very carefully. Many people take foliage trips through New England in the fall, with Boston being on the way for many of these trips. A Celtic music event is often just what people want to round out an already memorable trip.

There are also many students going to school in boston who will already be settled in. The music scene in Boston already appeals to students, and many look forward to experiencing new acts. You can be sure of having great attendance numbers if you advertise to Boston students.

Helpful Things to Remember

Most of the weather in the Boston area in early to mid-fall is still great for outdoor activities. You can’t go wrong hosting an outdoor event, especially if the pipes are involved!

Another good thing about autumn is that many weekends fall within travel’s shoulder season. Many travelers will enjoy better deals at hotels or other local accommodations during these weekends. There’s a great chance you’ll manage to attract many of these off-peak travelers who are looking for something to do.

The “Missing” Scots-Irish

A recent article from Irish Central mentioned a surprising fact: the numbers of Scots-Irish reported in the 2013 census is down to 3 million from  5.4 million in 2006.

The Scots-Irish (or Ulster-Irish if you prefer) have been a big part of America’s heritage from the beginning, and a larger number share Ulster-Irish ancestry along with other ethnic backgrounds. Why the drop, if indeed as many as 27 million may share some Scots-Irish blood?

  • Many may simply consider themselves Irish-American and not recognize any sectarian distinction
  • Some may be unaware of their heritage or just prefer to identify as Americans
  • DNA testing has often shed new light on ancestry

Do think think more Ulster-Irish are self-indentifying as Irish-Americans? Join the discussion on Facebook:

Period Dress at Fairs: Yes or No?

Renaissance fair - people 63

Two common customs at Celtic festivals involve wearing either Highland dress or dress inspired by Renaissance/fantasy costumes. However, does this give you a more authentic air for your customers?

While this might make you stand out, it helps to consider some of the practical aspects:

  • The weather, which might call for lighter-weight clothing or require you to put on a jacket
  • If you’re outdoors, you’ll need to consider whether your clothing will be easy to clean later
  • Does your clothing of choice make it easy for you to move around your booth?
  • For men, full Highland gear may be too formal for such an ocassion

Some of the alternative options to consider include:

  • Tunics in Celtic styles that are easy to wear with jeans or casual skirts
  • T-shirts, sweatshirts or polo shirts with your logo
  • Also consider wearing apparel supporting one of the performers, and offering an incentive where the artists can make wholesale arrangements for you to sell music at your booth

Keep visiting The Celtic Directory for more tips you can use.

What If Your Area Has No Irish or Scottish Population?

If you own a Celtic business, you may have encountered problems with generating interest in your area if there isn’t much of an Irish or Scottish population. What’s a small business owner to do?

  • Remember – not everyone who buys Celtic products shares Celtic ancestry. For people from many backgrounds, Celtic products are fascinating anyway.
  • Many popular Celtic products overlap with fantasy-themed products. Knots, triskels, the tree of life, and other popular Celtic symbols are also popular with fantasy fans.
  • Celtic fair vendors who sell at other ethnic fairs or events may wish to consider cross-selling related products. Stocking items popular at Renaissance festivals and inspirational items can prove very useful.
  • If you make jewelry or other custom items, there is always a market for additional custom items – use your imagination and input from customers to make this happen

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